faq – yelvy™

frequently asked questions

  • shipping and returns

    please refer to this page for any questions concerning shipping and returns

  • product information

    will sold out items be restocked?

    depending on multiple factors such as time of year and demand, items may or may not be restocked. to make sure you do not miss when an item gets restocked, yelvy recommends signing up for its newsletter and/or following its social media platforms.

    how should i care for my items?

    each item has its own precise care instructions. the care label on each product indicates how it should properly be taken care of. in order to maximize your garments’ condition, yelvy highly advises against tumble drying.

    i’m unsure about which size i should pick

    to minimize mistakes, each item’s measures are provided on their individual product page. if you are still unsure, feel free to contact info@yelvy.com


  • online purchases

    how is pricing determined for each currency?
    prices are always based on the canadian dollar. in order to make it fair, usd pricing is often adjusted to make it equivalent to the cad one. canadian orders are always charged in cad, usd is used everywhere else.

    which payment methods are accepted?
    yelvy uses stripe for payments, which accepts visa, mastercard and american express. paypal will be added very soon.